Description: Heavy dramatic timpani & urgent intense drums add rhythmic adrenaline. Edgy glitch techno synthesiser is an exciting electronica flavor. Suspenseful tense strings are thrilling & building with climactic elegance & driving dynamic. The rousing mechanical pulsing adds a determined & powerful feel.

Description: The minimal, modern & textural synthesiser is futuristic & innovative. The glitch breakbeat urban club drums are clean, intense & upbeat. The edgy urgent orchestra strings are punchy & dynamic. The confident piano is glassy & dark. The heavy epic bass is powerful & driving. Pulsing, evolving & fresh

Description: A cool dramatic urban indie feel with a powerful contemporary symphony. Big heavy bass. Fresh grunge electric guitar. Lively rhythmic piano. Edgy youthful synthesiser. Triumphant modern strings. Exciting dance club party drums and driving electronic percussion. Epic, energetic & fun yet empowering.