Description: haunting combination of groove oriented music with classical instruments.

Description: Powerful and strong electronic dance music. Testing power to the maximum, raunchy and raw confidence, emerging as a true leader. Lighter start, into heavy bass synth driven EDM, with stops and electronic sound design, in two different sections. Perfect for latest car model commercials, technology. 60sec and two 30sec cuts.

Description: Rhythmic electronic track with wide atmospheric pads, energetic bassline and futuristic sounds.

Description: Determined and bouncy with gritty electronic textures, light bongos and drum loops create a bold and confident mood.

Description: Upbeat and energetic with melodic synth and driving drum loops create a party and dance atmosphere.

Description: Eerie and dark with a futuristic feel, elements of chiptune music, a dramatic build that can be heard on an action and adventure underscore.

Description: A mixture of funk/rock elements and synthetic textures create a laidback feel.

Description: 30 seconds of automated synth bass and drums accompanying organ, piano, glockenspiel and edgy strings for a suspenseful, forward-moving motif, alternated with wistful chime-like pattern. Suggested for tense urban scenes, montages.

Description: retro analog synth groove, with clavinet break. suggested for scenes with tension or transition.

Description: Dark moody electro vibe, very powerful, exciting strings with percussion that will make your heart pound