Description: retro analog synth groove, with clavinet break. suggested for scenes with tension or transition.

Description: Dark moody electro vibe, very powerful, exciting strings with percussion that will make your heart pound

Description: This 30 second loop is ideal for corporate technical media. A very catchy tune that will, not only spark up your media but have the audience bobbing their heads at the same time.

Description: Mellow, cool, trendy & high gloss contemporary theme. Great for contemporary design reveals, Make-over reveals & technical data presentation. Very laid-back and relaxed but portraying confidence and fashion. Featuring simple Wah guitar chords over a light rhythm, with piano & synths.

Description: Pulsing and textural with a futuristic feel and edgy atmospheres create an overall synthetic sonority.

Description: Driving and determined with a fusion of Rock and Electronic elements create an adventurous mood.

Description: A slow atmospheric introduction leads to a laidback feel and smooth electronic textures creating an underlying disco groove.

Description: Quirky and bouncy with elements of chiptunes and video game textures create a playful mood.

Description: Bouncy and light with electronic pop elements creating an optimistic mood.

Description: Bouncy and light with a building introduction leading to a driving electronic groove creating a futuristic feel.