Description: Edgy modern house track. Perfect for confident catwalk. With dubstep elements such as wobbles and screams. Strong bassline and repetitive theme and a nice drop.

Description: Electronic sounding start evolving into a more industrial sounding drumtrack with disturbing crashes and dar bassline. Electronic and moving. Perfect for thrill underscore. Nice breakdown with percussion and slowly building to climax.

Description: Great track for basketball or sports in general. Big drums and horns and pulsating synths. Good edit points.

Description: Great funky oldschool hiphop track with modern sounds, nice breakdowns and edit points.

Description: Very funky hiphop track with dubstep elements and good edit points. One large breakdown to silence. Good for fashion underscore. Nice string theme at the end and then building up to climax on a button ending.

Description: A clock ticking starts this dark sounding track. Soon the industrial sounding beat kicks in and the electric guitar makes for an even darker tone together with the warm synt strings. It ends with the clock ticking again.

Description: Electronic sounding track with filter synths rising. A bit hypnotic and trancay, but with a minimal twist that makes it fitting for a number of activity scenes. Futuristic sounds - perfect for science fiction or commercials.

Description: Dance sounds for the catwal. Thriving drums and string theme. Fashion themes and underscore. Nice dark breakdown with good edit points to the buildup that features an electric guitar theme.

Description: Ethereal and uplifting. Positive and spiritual. Happy alternative electronica with synth leads and basses. Excellent for background music, web, video and presentations. Also ideal for commercials, fitness videos and motivational movies soundtracks. Finally, it's a great choice for your presentations, youtube video, promotional videos and marketing use.

Description: Mysterious, fantasy music. This track is like a story from a fantasy world. It starts slowly in an atmospheric soundscape and evolves into a more trip hop bgenre. Somewhat dark and poetic, there is something worrying and conforting at the same time. Modern beats, light enchanting female voice samples, magical synth sounds and melodies, various layers of evolving sounds give a very unique sound to this track. Could be used to illustrate something magical. Like a plant growing in a documentary on nature. Could definitlety be used in a commercial for products like perfumes, or a special car, or whatever product that can present a "magical" aspect.