Description: Driving and determined with a fusion of Rock and Electronic elements create an adventurous mood.

Description: Upbeat with a dance groove, heavy drums and atmospheric synth textures create an introspective mood.

Description: Laidback and bouncy with synthetic elements creating a party atmosphere.

Description: Bouncy with a funky groove and atmospheric textures create a feel-good and mellow mood.

Description: Echoing electric guitar and classic 808 drum tracks make a great background mood setter for a driving scene or something similar. Loop ready.

Description: Building and energetic with a repetitive bass and guitar riff, underlying drone textures and pulsing drums create a confident and determined mood.

Description: Upbeat and energetic with melodic synth and driving drum loops create a party and dance atmosphere.

Description: A fusion of R&B and Electronic elements create an upbeat groove with atmospheric elements.

Description: Bouncy and light with pulsing electronic textures and light groove create a relaxing mood.

Description: Dark, pulsing and textural with a futuristic feel and eerie atmospheres create a sci-fi style underscore.