Description: An uplifting electronic track with an inspiring synth melody line.

Description: The complete song without vocals combining different music styles. Can be used as a whole and in pieces. Great for video games, movies, animation, advertising, credits, etc.

Description: Groovy electronic excursion with pulsing bass, rogue organs, squelchy synths and glitchy stereo effects. Half-way through, the track morphs into a cathartic soundtrack of musicbox chimes and odd reversed tones.

Description: Breakbeat-peppered electro jaunt through space and time, complete with trancey synths, tinkly melodies, and a few militant percussive breakdowns here and there.

Description: Moody electronic piece with swishy cymbals, fluttering melody and a somber almost carnival feel that gives way to powerful pad/strings and driving synth chords.

Description: Glitchy percussion, crystal chimes, and slithering synth bass pepper this contemporary electronic piece with its strong pads and odd but complimentary noises.

Description: Synthy flanged midtempo electronic piece with subtly overdriven bass synths and an epic atmosphere.

Description: Electronic with a dreamy flanged guitar and bass.

Description: Dramatic orchestral beginning transitions into a dark electronic beat with a variety of sounds.

Description: Strange sounds lead into an electronic bombardment with funky keyboard back up.