Description: Powerful, cool, gritty and unique track that is upbeat and motivating. You'll want to get on the dance floor and pull out your moves with this dirty, gritty, electro-dubstep / drum n bass track. Massive and big-sounding, it's kicking drums will drive you along. Fast tempo and great for use in a variety of contexts from films, corporate videos, virals and adverts / idents.

Description: Medium tempo electronic reggae-style dance/trance groove.

Description: Strong banging kick & snares, funky hats & percussion, thick layered electro synth lines, smooth electric piano chords, smooth analog synth bass, 808 bass drops, distorted dubstep synth melodies, trance synth melodies, and old-school drum loops / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs funky futuristic pop-hop hop with touches of dubstep and trance.

Description: Powerful and rich track in a mixed style of Dubstep and pop. Sharp step dub bass create much tension and modern effects do piece futuristic and high tech.

Description: Punchy, powerful and catchy, this technology-rich electronic trance track is fresh, epic and has various climaxes to sync with your production. Ambient textures weave in and out of a heavy heart-beat kick drum with synth arpeggios and a choir-like pad. Great for use in a fashion video with catwalk shots, technology reviews, documentary and ads where high-energy is needed without interfering with your message.

Description: Powerful, crunching, cool and explosive - ELECTRIC SKIING has a similar feel and flavour to the transformer-style robots dancing in a car advert that was released not long ago ;) Big breaks, rises and a raw bass line help drive this uplifting dance / breakbeat track with plenty of tension. Urban and electronic with a fast tempo and great for use in adverts, upbeat dance visuals, high-energy sports videos and virals / idents.

Description: Powerful and melodic chillout track, with lots of pianos, arpeggiated synths, pads, fx, and drums. Beautiful melody makes this track excellent for documentaries and various presentations. Please rate it if you like it and check out my portfolio for more tracks like this one!

Description: Straight forward electronic track with a confident and powerful synth bass hook. Makes you wanna take a stroll with a baseball bat. Can be used in crime scenes, sports or action movies.

Description: Mellow, cool, trendy & high gloss contemporary theme. Great for contemporary design reveals, Make-over reveals & technical data presentation. Very laid-back and relaxed but portraying confidence and fashion. Featuring simple Wah guitar chords over a light rhythm, with piano & synths.

Description: A bouncy mid tempo piece using processed synths and piano.