Description: A powerful modern electronic loop, which used a lot of different synthesizers and distorted guitar sound. In preview file this audio track is played two times for example! Great for cinematic projects, Youtube videos, websites, commercials and more.

Description: Brassy pitch-gliding synth lead accompanied by punchy beat and electronic effects play robotic patterns in 77 second loop.

Description: The aliens are here and they are pissed. Come hear them as they enter our world

Description: This is music for a variety of presentations, commercials, radio jingles. Well suited for commercial high-tech goods. Music combines electronic and orchestral sound

Description: Minor toned dance track. Heavy synth and drums. Pop arranged complete with room for Verses, Pre-Chorus, Hook and Bridge.

Description: A powerful and cool, low-key, but with the very dynamic. Boiling and lively club scene without stopping all late at the night.

Description: "House of Latin" is a modern hybride of a latin and house beat, brass section, piano, percussion, bass and drums. In the middle is a solo part played with hammond organ and synthesizer background.

Description: Electronic motivational / tech sounding instrumental that flows in a spatial ambiance that goes great as a background track for videos, games, ads and much more.

Description: This 30 second loop is ideal for corporate technical media. A very catchy tune that will, not only spark up your media but have the audience bobbing their heads at the same time.

Description: 3 AM Chillout is a downtempo / chill / smooth house style track designed for that experience of unwinding from the long night out on the town.