Description: Приятная мелодия вызывающая удовлетворение и спокойствие,это современный трек будет хорошо звучать в документальной передаче связанной с технологиями,полёты ракет,самолёты,автомобили,путешествия,ездой на велосипеде,в рекламных роликах,фоновая музыка на радио,телевидении и магазине, видео-блоги в Интернете,youtube,видео игр.

Description: Edgy, dark electronic track with cool groove and synths.

Description: Electronica - Alternative Electro - Unforgettable bass line with synth resonance throughout this futuristic robotic movement with chugging guitar and synthesizers, 120 BPM, Fast

Description: Electronica - Alternative Electro - Upbeat and alive with a steady driving hip synthesizer lick also featuring a B3 Organ Acoustic Electric Guitar, 120 BPM, Fast

Description: An electronic, funky music, with a fast rhythm and feel. Great for background to evoke emotion of fun, fury and fashion. Enjoyable with the feel of the electronics and drums. Could be used as a background to power up any project. With vocals building in the background it is exciting.

Description: Intense suspenseful electronic track with eletric guitars and orchestral strings.

Description: A powerful modern electronic loop, which used a lot of different synthesizers and distorted guitar sound. In preview file this audio track is played two times for example! Great for cinematic projects, Youtube videos, websites, commercials and more.

Description: Brassy pitch-gliding synth lead accompanied by punchy beat and electronic effects play robotic patterns in 77 second loop.

Description: The aliens are here and they are pissed. Come hear them as they enter our world

Description: This is music for a variety of presentations, commercials, radio jingles. Well suited for commercial high-tech goods. Music combines electronic and orchestral sound