Description: Energetic modern Dance Pop track with solid groove and catchy synths.

Description: Heavy dramatic timpani & urgent intense drums add rhythmic adrenaline. Edgy glitch techno synthesiser is an exciting electronica flavor. Suspenseful tense strings are thrilling & building with climactic elegance & driving dynamic. The rousing mechanical pulsing adds a determined & powerful feel.

Description: This electronic music combines an upbeat style with creative energy. The plucky synth melodies are complimented with a punchy bass and dynamic drums to create music perfect for a wide variety of projects including games, ads, after effects projects, kinetic type and more.

Description: Driving electro dance track, exciting, upbeat, fast moving, perfect for advertising and commercial underscore, will suit young urban demographic. Has a chemical sounding vibe using synths, percussion and exciting electro clicks and sounds, will suit technology.

Description: Sexy modern dance track with solid groove and quirky synths. Upbeat, comical and fun.

Description: Strong beat, pop, synths, upbeat, quirky, moving, catchy

Description: Let's Get Crazy Tonight is an instrumental electronic groove track with a strong beat and cool sounds. Music with attitude and great energy.

Description: Something's Coming in an instrumental electronic groove track with a big beat. Music designed for promos, branding, advertising, commercials, and luxury car commercials.

Description: New Age Dance track with multiple usage options, Synth based Techno, Trance Dance grove with driving pulsating rhythm has Dramatic and Commercial overtone for Law and Crime Investigation, Espionage, Forensic Television Theme music Action, Adventure, Sports and Designer Fashion you name it.

Description: Groove Move is an instrumental groove track with high energy and excitement. Promo, branding, and advertising music. Music for a big event or awards ceremony.

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