Description: BeatHive_PSteel_GMaj_114bpm

Description: BeatHive_PSteel_GMaj_114bpm

Description: Pulsing and textural with a futuristic feel and edgy atmospheres create an overall synthetic sonority.

Description: Music loop for your projects, works really great for a game.

Description: Laidback and funky featuring elements of soul fused with electronic drum loops create a driving and heavy groove.

Description: Futuristic with pulsing electronic textures and elements of chiptune music create a party atmosphere.

Description: Pumping and energetic with atmospheric synthetic elements creating a party atmosphere.

Description: Digital keyboards, samples and beat-box accompany retro analog synthesizer for experimental piece with quirky melodic hooks. Suggested for retro club scenes, media spots and underscoring of scary animation. Key of G minor

Description: Atmospheric and ethereal introduction leads to an upbeat electronic groove creating an introspective yet energetic mood.

Description: Upbeat and highly energetic with electronic elements and driving drum loops lead to a pumping and partying scene.

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