Description: Easy, simple music for a lightweight promotion, video etc.

Description: Comical electronic track with solid groove, synths and catchy vocals.

Description: Very powerful breakbeat/ Electro/ Rock theme in the best traditions. High Energy and aggressive mood Breakbeat/Big beat track for a car or sports footage. Perfect choice for any Sports Videos, Energetic motion graphics, Go Pro videos, extreme sports, car commercials, fighting, adventure commercial, it also suits for club events and more. 109 BPM.

Description: Upbeat electronic track with punchy groove and trippy synths.

Description: Extreme Show is an energetic bright and dynamic action breakbeat track, with punchy groove and powerful guitars. Will be perfect for game and movie trailers, sports trailers, openings, racing and any kind of stylish action scenes in your video production!

Description: A futuristic minimalistic loop

Description: A fresh and energetic trap beat track, with a rich and cool rhythmic texture and modern contemporary synth sounds.

Description: A tear-jerking emotional track, featuring Nylon guitar and heavily compressed drums. With a touch of Flamenco influences, the perfect background for romance contexts.

Description: A racing 2-step electronic track. Loaded with multiple synth layers, edgy drums and synth bass, perfect for excited action scenarios.

Description: Fast, loud and groovy electronic track similar to techno, dubstep, house, edm music styles. Produced around aggressive and modern drums with lot of punch, with deep big sounding bass line, some synth atmospheric sounds and catchy bright lead parts, this track can fit many modern ideas and projects related to fashion, manufacture, industry, as well as advertising or promotion of new technologies, kickstarter projects, digital products and active lifestyle or sports.

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