Description: i cannot remaster this track, through i lost my premise tracks. it is a piece of memory, and feeling now for me, i hope for you too.

Description: High energy breakbeat track with aggressive bass line and catching melody. Best for introduction to films and games, trailers and advertisements.

Description: Positive breakbeat track with piano chords, bright melody and energetic rhythm.

Description: old breaks track written in 40 minutes as a bet.

Description: Positive funky break beat track with wah-wah guitar, bright piano chords and scratch.

Description: A matrix style progressive breaks track with deep grooving synth baselines and breakbeat drums. The tracks builds to melodic choruses with harmonic synth strings, arps and high synth melodies. A dynamic track great for a variety of applications, from computer games to TV shows and adverts. Guaranteed to get heads moving!

Description: Dust consists of particles in the atmosphere that arise from various sources such as soil dust lifted up by wind.

Description: Dark, breakbeat muscial composition, with drone pads and nostalgic bells