Description: “Planet Klang” is a great fusion of Electro with Hip Hop. Perfect loopable.

Description: Energetic breakbeat track with heavy bassline, powerful beat and futuristic synths. Best for extreme videos, racing games or any hi-tech and energetic video project.

Description: Atmospheric breakbeat track with bright melody, futuristic synths and fast beat.

Description: A part of techno song, loopable, sidechained bass

Description: Hip hopish loop with a twist, loop

Description: Light Orchestral Cue with Humor. Very Cartoon. Pratfalls and slapstick antics will ensue.

Description: Limp Triscut is another track that got a lot play from the NFL. Live drums played by yours truly, shredding guitars, and a monster kick sound. Heavy...

Description: Agressive brutal break beat bumper perfect for an acction sequence.

Description: Thick layered lead synth keyboard melodies, low distorted synth stabs, wobble bass, low sub bass and bass drops, delay percussion hits, and hard dubstep drums / Think Skrillex style track / This could work for any TV or Film cue as well as any advertisement, web page, or game that needs strong driving dubstep sounds

Description: Tough attitude drum driven track with hard funky drums and slick fills .