Description: Fluid swirl of atmospheric ambiance with resonating lows and whispering highs. The light melodic movement uplifts then gently lowers down to a weightless peaceful ending.

Description: Passing into the beyond throught a curtain of bright paticles, sweeping a path into a new world of wonder. Ambient space music. Futuristic, alien, and science fiction. A divine choir, intermittent melodies with bells, and space SFX over an ambient bed of pads.

Description: Ambient texture with a methodical rhythmic melody and high tech machine like intelligence arpeggiated blips. It's in a minor mode for futuristic mysterious, science fiction, or suspenceful information and visuals. 66 beats per minute.

Description: Floating weightless in the clouds with angels in a lush ambient cloud string section and a heavenly choir.

Description: A serene ambient choir slows and suspends motion into a welcoming for the Deities enigmatic transformation to the afterworld.

Description: A underlying swirling fluid ambiance, sci-fi, or calm and mysterious texture with a abstract beat, layered pads, and synthesizer effects.

Description: Mystic & Magical Asian Background Music. For something majestic and refined

Description: A long, slowly evolving soundscape with a deep and dreamy atmosphere.

Description: Electronic background track to create sinister and suspenseful atmospheres

Description: anxious, atmosphere;, confused, contemplative, dark, disturbing, down, dramatic, drone;, eerie, evil, foreboding, frantic, haunting, hypnotic, melancholic, melancholy, mournful, mystical, nature, ominous, sad, scary, searching, sentimental, strange, suspense, tension, terror