Description: Trippy ambient electronic track with unusual synth arrangements over cool drum beat. Spacious and atmospheric!

Description: Ambient electronic track with light percussion and trippy synths and pads.

Description: Ambient Electronic track with delicate pads, catchy melody and light percussion. Modern, dreamy feel.

Description: Cool, mysterious electronic track with ambient exotic atmosphere

Description: Ambient, atmospheric piece with cool beat and flowing arrangements. Uplifting, joyous feel

Description: A slow paced electronic piece...This piece can be used in a movie score type scenario.. It is slow and utilizes many elements including synths and Taiko drums

Description: A calm, looped soundscape inspired by shapes created by frost.

Description: Relaxed Ambient Music with a fresh and nice HipHop Beat. Good for a chilled ambient feeling. Instrumental and perfect loopable, professionally mastered.

Description: New age track suitable for sci fi, documentary, background, relaxation, TV and movie theme music.

Description: Atmospheric electronic track, conveys a sense of calm and the flight. Gentle sounds of the piano against the backdrop of powerful drums.