Description: Visions of a sea of sand and a comfortable stroll among it.

Description: This track is an electronic, fast-paced, futuristic slice of sound. Great sound for film/TV,commercial, trailer focusing on hackers, fast cars, etc.

Description: simple two note melody insistantly repeating through thick echos and feedback, ambient, reflective and hypnotic.

Description: Cool and modern electronic track with hip groove and synths.

Description: Logo made of light ambient synths and whoosh sound effects,this logo sound is perfect for your logo intro,presentation,video trailer,signature reveal,logo reveal.

Description: This is light soft sounding short Opening Rising Logo for your original introductions, which include soft synth, filter pad, and fx…This track can be used anywhere – as your logo, in games and video, as a musical background for websites etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!:)

Description: Sentimental and sacrifice. This score would compliment any cue that needs an infusion of emotion and dreamy sadness.Great for anything needing something special to fit many projects.