Description: Electronic light mood with a melodic flute line.

Description: Cool and modern electronic track with hip groove and synths.

Description: Track opens with a beautiful ambient melody reminicent of an Ibiza chill out tune, breaks for an electro momnet and then back into the relaxing ambience of a simple piano melody. Are you back on the beach yet?

Description: haunting combination of groove oriented music with classical instruments.

Description: Acoustic piano floats over a synth and electronic percussion foundation.. Slow and silky, ethereal music. great for: web music, flash, intro, animation, web design, 3D, video, film, podcast, newscast, radio, tv, cinema, ...

Description: syncopated bass trance groove with analogue and digital synth pads, percussion and woodwinds. suggested for mysterious scenes i.e. illusions.

Description: 60 second mix of moody synthesizers playing hypnotic patterns with reverse audio effects, drums and step-filtered percussion. suggested for scenes involving altered consciousness.

Description: peaceful, atmospheric groove with neutral mood. drums, bass, synths. good as rhythmic background pad.

Description: very strange sound for somthing of particolar.elettronic sound to think about a night with a friend.

Description: Background music track for tv, film, spot, soundtrack and documentaries

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