Description: Fluid swirl of atmospheric ambiance with resonating lows and whispering highs. The light melodic movement uplifts then gently lowers down to a weightless peaceful ending.

Description: a short piece with synthesized sounds and voice, unnerving but peaceful at the same time.

Description: Ambient atmospheres, ethnic perscussion along side a dark brooding electric guitar. Great for cinematic underscore or corporate presentation. Element of suspense...something about to happen

Description: Ambient melody reminicent of an Ibiza chill out tune, the cue has a relaxing ambience with a simple piano melody backed by electro and synth sounds. Are you back on the beach yet?

Description: Relaxing, peaceful, inspiring ambient. Great as a background music.

Description: An ambient, new-age, ambient track with pulsing arpeggios and beat.

Description: A short, homey, melodic track of piano and banjo

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