Description: A smooth jazzy rhodes riff, funky shakers, funky and punchy kicks and snares, swing hats, vocal stabs, smooth electric guitar bass, bass heavy old-school drum loops, lush strings, wah guitar chords, and turntable cuts. Perfect cue for a alcohol or beer commercial or a film or TV show that needs happy smooth lounge style trip-hop.

Description: Jazz, Jazz-Acid Jazz, Urban, Hip Hop, Quirky, Simple, Anticipation, Disjointed, Groovy, Tension, Serious, Fun, Mysterious, in a Fun, Playful, Mysterious mood, featuring Bass, Conga, Organ, Ratchet, with a Slow tempo

Description: An upbeat, mysterious, and smooth ambient lounge track with a gentle soft bossa jazzy rock feel, a positive upbeat vibe, and an easy flow. Features piano. bass, guitar, percussion, and a variety of synthesizers. Useful music for Films, TV, Radio, broadcast, adverts, in house and video media projects

Description: an acoustic guitar and piano piece with a slow build.

Description: medium tempo contemplative piece with continuous movement featuring piano, acoustic guitar.

Description: bass driving down tempo.

Description: Jazz, Jazz-Acid Jazz, Laid Back, Funky, Monotonous, Repetitive, in a Playful mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Synth, Vocals, Guitar, with a Mid tempo

Description: light melody. acoustic guitar and electric piano.