Description: Sci-Fi Epic Music. This music features recorded and sampled machines/equipment from a factory. I edited and programmed the atmospheric and rhythmic audio and added a few other instruments to create the music. Captured audio files included guillotines, compressors, sheeters, hammers, fork lift trucks, shutter doors, slitters etc. Musical Machinery.

Description: guitar with syntheszer effect dark mood

Description: really hot (master).mp3 funky, quirky, suspenseful, interlude

Description: Hi Tech radio logo or radio ID Stinger for your projects. Can be used as stinger, jingle, ident, logo, intro, opener, reveal etc.

Description: Music stylized 80s, Miami, Neon, Ferrari. Outrun/synthwave.

Description: This music is especially made for Halloween.

Description: Evoking feelings of a walk through the woods in early autumn, this song is perfect background music for personal or corporate presentations, webcasts, television or radio advertising.

Description: Percussion driven,emotional victory march track. Ambient strings and piano pads create lots of emotion.