Description: nature on earth sound design windy original music by french pro composer never heard before no infinite loops always something new for more use in documentary 120 BPM for easy edits have a look at others tracks insect ocean rain & thunder wind

Description: Eerie cinematic voice drone with futuristic Sci-fi sounds makes a disturbing, scary feeling in space and time where something nasty is lurking.

Description: Deep cinematic space drone makes an atmospheric, lonely feeling in space and time with an ominous feeling of foreboding.

Description: Elegant Logo for any of your projects.

Description: Crystal clear sound for your media products.

Description: Perfectly for movie intros and logos or other high-powered projects.

Description: Power Ident for your projects. Use it in the media products, videos intro/outro, tv or radio jingles, presentations, and various video projects. Plese feel free to EQ or change volume.

Description: Hi-Tech Logo with various fx sounds, suitable for composite animation.