Description: This is an eerie haunting seascape piece.Could be used for any sinister haunting scene including space .Ideal for bringing in-out credits or documentary.Slowly fades out.

Description: space futuristic song slow melodic pop dreamy moving classic ballad.

Description: Great track for exercise walking. Nice groove to create a steady,flowing walking pace for anyone who wants a bounce in their step

Description: Percussion driven,emotional victory march track. Ambient strings and piano pads create lots of emotion.

Description: mod dance song melodic pop dreamy moving classic ballad.

Description: Deep cinematic space drone makes an atmospheric, lonely feeling in space and time with an ominous feeling of foreboding.

Description: Eerie cinematic voice drone with futuristic Sci-fi sounds makes a disturbing, scary feeling in space and time where something nasty is lurking.

Description: Music stylized 80s, Miami, Neon, Ferrari. Outrun/synthwave.

Description: nature on earth sound design windy original music by french pro composer never heard before no infinite loops always something new for more use in documentary 120 BPM for easy edits have a look at others tracks insect ocean rain & thunder wind