Description: James Bond feel track with a nice easy groove that is created with synths and guitar

Description: Evoking feelings of a walk through the woods in early autumn, this song is perfect background music for personal or corporate presentations, webcasts, television or radio advertising.

Description: Track with modern phone, media noises on a . You find this track with voices and announcements in my portfolio too

Description: Eerie cinematic voice drone with futuristic Sci-fi sounds makes a disturbing, scary feeling in space and time where something nasty is lurking.

Description: Music stylized 80s, Miami, Neon, Ferrari. Outrun/synthwave.

Description: Deep cinematic space drone makes an atmospheric, lonely feeling in space and time with an ominous feeling of foreboding.

Description: mod dance song melodic pop dreamy moving classic ballad.

Description: Percussion driven,emotional victory march track. Ambient strings and piano pads create lots of emotion.

Description: Great track for exercise walking. Nice groove to create a steady,flowing walking pace for anyone who wants a bounce in their step

Description: space futuristic song slow melodic pop dreamy moving classic ballad.

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