Description: piano and string pad ballad, melodic. ASCAP title # for this composition: 343323951.

Description: piano ballad with live cello accompaniment. Dripping with emotion. Keep a kleenex handy.

Description: Open your eyes to reveal the glories of our world. Inspirational piano/acoustic guitar track. Downright uplifting!

Description: Piano ballad with brief acoustic guitar passage. Cuddle beneath a warm blanket with that special someone--it's romance time. A gentle piano ballad with feeling.

Description: Solo piano ballad instrumental version of the full length vocal song. Has a flowing, rolling feel to it.

Description: piano and orchestral strings. The music says love, regret, lonely--but would do it all over again.

Description: Underscore version of the male vocal song "Midnight Lullaby" also available here at Audio Micro. Steady acoustic guitar rhythm and drum kit, with pretty piano part and soft synth strings.

Description: Underscore version of the full male vocal song. Piano ballad with lush live cello during second half of the cue.

Description: Slow solo piano dripping with emotion. Gentle and arcing. Written on spec for a scene where two teenagers share their first kiss. Quiet chord whole notes start the romance followed by fervent arpeggiation as boy and girl continue their exploration. You can almost see the tangential moonlight and the silk bedsheets by the 45 second mark.

Description: Sometimes goodbye really means--I'll see you soon. Tender piano intro, followed by confident acoustic guitar/bass/orchestral strings. Perfect for the tearful but not sad goodbye scene.

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