Description: Airy, clean, idealistic and positive modern corporate ambient track made with radio, TV, web commercials/promos in mind. Clear, transparent synth sounds, fashionable in current advertising, sax, vocals, bass, guitar, drums, vibes. Great for finance, insurance, lifestyle & service products. Female Vocals, Corporate, Corporate Jazz

Description: A flowing, relaxed & dreamy jazzy soft pop track that bounces & struts along proudly. Features a female vocal mantra like chant with a synth melody. Add a thick juicy bass line & strong drums and you have music well suited for a wide ranging uses. TV, radio, video, in store, on hold, spa, credits

Description: This smooth, breezy, rhythmic and uplifting track features a mellow horn section, along with solid piano, electric bass and drum set. Conveys forward motion, optimism, perseverance and quiet confidence. Perfect for business training or promotional videos, websites, advertising, motivational clips. Instrumental, Pop, Easy Listening

Description: An easy grooving latin pop track with delightful layers of harmony featuring a luscious wash of synthesizers, a wah electric guitar, a plucky bass, and a gently driving electro drum kit. Wondrous music for both the main theme or the underscore and backing. Set the scene for your media project.

Description: A bright, lush, and sweet ambient lounge track with a gentle soft boss retro rock feel and a sunny attitude. Features piano, synthesizers, female and male vocal chants with a solid guitar, bass and drum rhythm section groove. Useful music for Films, TV, Radio, broadcast, adverts, video media project, Mixed Vocals, Pop Music

Description: A fun and happy quirky soft pop easy listening instrumental rock track with a feel good carefree attitude. Features a harmon muted trumpet playing an infectious melody, grand piano electro-euro dance percussion, upright bass and smooth string synths. Useful for Films, TV, Radio, and all media works, Instrumental, Pop Music, Easy Listening

Description: A pensive and delicate cello introduction leads into a soft horn section grooving along with a soft pop beat accompanied by upright bass and piano. The melody is then taken by a quirky synth followed by electric guitar. An interesting combination of sound sequences for creative media projects, film, tv, video.

Description: Smooth and silky bachelor pad music very sultry and straight forward slow dance for the late night swingers and hipsters. Dry martinis fine clothes and exclusive locales come to mind, featuring high tech synths, electric bass, percussion J. Crew fast cars wall street mutual funds options calls puts

Description: Mellow, positive, and inspiring piano and synth driven soft pop rock track for that peaceful easy feeling. Good music for production media including film, radio, tv, or adverts. Also useful for opening themes or background for intro or voice overs or for intermission music podcasts corporate themes

Description: Soft, gentle, and sweet melodic track featuring vibraphone and piano leads with guitar, organ and bass background and a touch of percussion. Breezy aura and luscious atmosphere. Useful muzak, background chill out type of sound audio. In store, at the mall, fine products and establishments good taste

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