Description: Peaceful oriental instrumentation combines with relaxing electric guitar chords making a pleasant, mellow background theme suitable for creating the sense of escape of luxury. The melody itself implies a traditional Asian atmosphere, evoking wellness, meditation and wellbeing.

Description: Bouncy harpsichord melody and sweeping strings over energetic backing pay homage to cheesy 70s Italian comedy music.

Description: A soft gentle melody suggesting a new day or waking up from sleep. The melody is fresh and relaxing combining gentle, soft piano chords with refreshing strings boasting sensual, contemplative elements.

Description: A slow contemporary melody created with electronic zonal background washes, slow modern drum beats and occasional background vocals providing a chilled out, relaxing melody with a slight urban city-life edge.

Description: A modern African track featuring Marimba, bass guitar and acoustic elements. Very peaceful and uplifting with bright colourful inspiring elements. Useful background music for documentary or travel project to convey a sense of freedom or discovery.

Description: Staccato dual acoustic guitars with dreamy string/synth passages and delicate middle eight section. Chugging snare drum patterns suggests a contemporary pleasant journey or expedition. Ideal chill out music for adult contemporary themes.

Description: A peaceful African style melody with a touch of ambiance, featuring a pleasant array of instruments such as Marimba, African drums and African flute. Very spiritual and bright with slight tropical elements making it useful for documentary, childrens or African travel tourism.

Description: Confident Jazz melody featuring Vibraphone, piano, bass, jazz guitar and saxophone, create an ideal contemporary background jazz theme for casino, gambling or ball room event. The melody is slightly cocky, yet contains joyful and uplifting elements. Ideal for short scene introduction or game theme tune.

Description: Hawaiian slide guitar and Latin percussion create a realistic tropical vibe atmosphere boasting key elements of style and luxury.

Description: A relaxing combination of Classical Guitar, Piano and synth wash create the perfect relaxing scene for beauty or romantic love scene. Very elegant slow guitar riffs merge nicely with quiet background synths washes creating a dreamy yet contemporary background track which works well with documentary or travel scenes with a peaceful theme.

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