Description: Orchestral and synth infused. Relaxing and contemplative. Light background vocals. Drums, percussion. Smooth bass line.

Description: Light-hearted, feel good piano, cello, strings, harp, bass, drums & light electronic percussion, glockenspielglockenspiel,

Description: Acoustic guitar,electric guitar, piano, upbeat groove, positive beat, crisp brush drums, fade ending

Description: mid-tempo, guitars, piano, positive energy.

Description: Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Nice groove, percussion, relaxing

Description: easy going groove, rhythmic piano, bass, drums.

Description: Percussion, piano, acoustic & electric guitars, bass, drums

Description: Relaxed vibe & tempo, light drums, shaker, bass, piano, bass, ukelele, acoustic guitar.

Description: Light-hearted, energetic, acoustic guitar, mandolin, electric piano, bass, drums, recorder, tambourine

Description: Relaxed, acoustic guitar, electric piano, lite strings

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