Description: Bright, calm, uplifting relaxation song with acoustic guitar, piano, percussion and beautiful flute melody. Slow and smooth tempo. Starts and ends with birds chirping. Suits well for background music. "A new morning has broken, isn't it good to be alive?"

Description: Let the wind carry you back to your golden childhood memories. Happiness and hot summers. This tiny odd-tempo song has a special feeling of good old times.

Description: Peaceful flute melody with African style percussion and kalimba, later combined with some accordion and acoustic guitar. Especially suitable for nature films and presentations.

Description: Rhythmic percussion and drums with mellow pads and cello strings melody. Soft piano phrase starts from the mid song and develops towards a glorious ending. Perfect for vivid and dynamic nature slideshows and films (change of seasons, river stream, dolphin reef diving, rainy forest etc).