Description: downtempo, sexy, a waking dream ...exotica with a Hawaiian accent.

Description: Downtempo, sultry lounge exotica will evoke tropical beaches, warm breezes and colorful drinks with little umbrellas.

Description: Sexy, dramatic, downtempo tango that fits the lounge/exotica mold.

Description: Midtempo Lounge exotica with a rock edge and some Latin percussion and horns.

Description: Surf-y, lounge exotica instrumental that takes on an Arabic feel...vocals used as instrumentation.

Description: Long conga intro, with monkey call...leads into jazzy lounge exotica piece, with horns, vibes, keyboards and vocalizations.

Description: Downtempo, sultry lounge exotica will make you feel like you've walked into an intergalactic bar to find Captain Kirk surrounded by blue skinned alien beauties doing unspeakable things...or may you just dreamed it.

Description: Quirky waltz with electric keyboard

Description: Cool quirky instrumental 1960s style Easy Listening song