Description: If you need a push to think forward, to see the future, to plan your next move or think about your past ones, this is the best music to do that.

Description: A beautiful atmospheric piano, supplemented by a light epic background and ethereal sequencing with voluminous textures. There is a variety of percussion, no drums. The work positively emotes, calms and tunes in a good way. Ideal for presentations, movies, TV, radio programs, Youtube videos, advertising, commercial, non-commercial, corporate, podcasts, advertising, and other media where background music is used.

Description: Late at night upscale cocktail lounge the piano plays a soft delicate song sensitive emotional and sophisticated in the style and tradition of George Gershwin and Cole Porter but with a modern interpretation. Excellent as background music for fine dining, intimate settings, hotels, in store, on hold

Description: Mellow piano jazz solo piece. Sophisticated sounds, live and real with a hip NY style cocktail lounge vibe. For noir type film, TV, video, late night, radio productions. Relaxed tones for luxurious products adverts autos, high fashion, wine, five star hotels, cruises, romantic destinations

Description: The state of happiness and excitement will fuel your desire to permeate euphoria across dimensions.

Description: The grandiose plans to reform the world with Love and Light

Description: Dreamy, melancholic track with guitar, light piano and cool groove. Reflective, simple and inspiring, this piece is great as subtle, peaceful background music.

Description: Piano music with bouncy chords and cheerful melodies. The mood is fun and joyful. Suitable for commercials, advertisements and other media.

Description: Beautiful piano music about love and happiness in a charming melody

Description: Easy music about the hope of love

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