Description: Easy going groove with fender rhodes and funky guitar

Description: Mid tempo, Jazzy, Smooth, Easy listening, Laid Back, Chill, Travel, Love, RnB, Cool, Relationship, Guitars, Electric Piano, Strings, TV, Film, Video Game, Youtube, Movie, Soundtrack, Instrumental, Background, Music, Beat, Track.

Description: Soundtrack for a sixties Action flick. Manhatten, San Francisco, Canada? Gangsters in stylish cars chasing each other, tires screeching. Hustlin'...

Description: easy listening,electronic,pleasing,relaxing,hopeful,joyful.

Description: Bright, happy and atmospheric track that has a warm positive mood

Description: Moderately to slow paced but driving, this song builds from a simple fingerpicked guitar and ukulele, building to a wall of hypnotic sound but also moving into a melodic and memorable chorus driven by a retro electric piano. Mellow but with a feeling of movement, this song has a sense of nostalgia and a happy ending, even a little bit romantic in a positive and comforting way.

Description: Acoustic guitar, bass and drums. Lyrical and romantic mood. Relax.

Description: a smooth, soothing track with a relaxed groove. guitars, rhodes, piano, strings, organ, bass and drums provide a mellow background for a soaring sax melody.