Description: Pretty, pop, uplifting, inspirational getting past the odds and coming through a winner.

Description: The song is about a marriage where the wife knows the husband is cheating but stays in it to save face. Like a stepford wife.

Description: Easier to blame me than to fix yourself.

Description: Cinematic soundtrack with symphonic stings and chopped electronic drums underscored by ambient sounds.

Description: Easy listening, electronic music with delayed soft electronic sounds, touchy pads and guitars, dreamy, loungy, and emotional. All supported by soft electronic drums. Very Motivational.

Description: Evening At The Sea - Easy Listening. Marvin Urias - Free Music Publishing

Description: Cooking Program - Easy Listening. Marvin Urias - Free Music Publishing

Description: Chillout track with looped piano melody, electic leads ambient pads supported by the beautiful vocals, dreamy, loungy, emotional and nostalgic. Good for many applications: presentations, websites, advertisements, film, video, computer games, documentaries etc.

Description: Musical composition with flowing piano loop. Cheerful pop background underscored by electronic elements. Blissful, reassuring and positive.

Description: Pop rock ballad with beautiful blend of musical textures and unusual combination of lead clarinet, fretless bass, organ drums and percussions. Relaxing smooth calm and collected versatile track. Dramatic, Film and Television, In Store Retail Clubs and Cafe.