Description: Chillout ambient electronica. Hope, love, adventure, trust, sadness, happiness, emotional, longing

Description: Emotional and romantic ballad with nice piano melody and modern R&B drums. Track featuring piano, acoustic guitar, strings, synths and electronic drums.

Description: An emotional and dreamy track featuring acoustic guitar, piano, solo cello and strings. Good for film/tv/video and commercials/advertising.

Description: An uplifting orchestral cue, representing a sunrise and the magical world of daylight. It invites the spirit to enjoy what is around us with a smile on our faces.

Description: A Piano and Cello piece supported by electronic sound design and synths. Providing a melancholic feeling with a magical colour like a fairytale.

Description: Caring, soothing and tender audio track. Perfect for romantic, wedding, dating and love-album videos!

Description: I watch the sun go down over the horizon and the heart is filled with peace

Description: Positive ambient, vacation by the sea, seagulls over the waves big, dreamy, easy listening, emotional, freedom, guitar, harmony, healthy, hopeful, hopefulness, inner harmony, leisure, loving, meditative, minimal ,relaxed, relaxing, sensual, soft drums, spacious, tender, tranquil, warm

Description: Soulful ballad with solo guitar, synthesizer, played by band with bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, suitable for quiet and relaxed scenes as well as romantic scenes, documentaries