Description: This pleasant background music with elements of high-tech perfect for contemporary projects needing elegant and modern design.

Description: Strolling, Lovely, Sentimental

Description: Chillout ambient electronica. Hope, love, adventure, trust, sadness, happiness, emotional, longing

Description: The beautiful quiet ethnic composition which is adjusting on reflections, allowing to relax and dream. :) Flute, keyboard, bells, ethnic percussion, an unostentatious rhythm and motivational "strengthening" in the end.

Description: Downtempo, sultry lounge exotica will evoke tropical beaches, warm breezes and colorful drinks with little umbrellas.

Description: Long conga intro, with monkey call...leads into jazzy lounge exotica piece, with horns, vibes, keyboards and vocalizations.

Description: Easy listening positive jazz composition with piano, bass, drums and electric guitar. Joyful, optimistic and sunny.

Description: Music in old style of sound for computer and video games and so on. Looped/Loopable/Seamless

Description: A simple, slow solo piano piece with a hint of reflective melancholy.

Description: For romantic souls ! Strings, acoustic guitar and piano have the main role here. Suitable for specific video projects.