Description: new guitar instrumentals warm and sweet

Description: Smooth instrumental track featuring Jazz/Latin Guitar with, Piano, Bass and Drums Light Cocktail Music for Easy Listening Pleasures. Internet Radio, Commercial and Corporate Programming, Hold Music, Cafe Dinning.

Description: New Age/ Easy Listening instrumental tune for relaxation, meditation, yoga and spacing out

Description: Upbeat, happy, groove with mandolin, drums, percussion, acoustic guitar, electric piano.

Description: Mellow Brazilian Jazz Guitar Trio music with Flute and Vibes sharing solo spots. Beautiful Chord solo to make for relaxing and carefree musical experience. Music for Retail and In store, Travel and Leisure, Spa and Relaxation. An evening Dinning Film and Television Weather Channel. Instrumental, Brazilian, Brazilian Jazz

Description: Happy go easy mellow Jazz. Easy Listening Guitar Trio, which features light flute improvised solo to relax and sooth one's soul after the long hard day of a nine to five day of earnings. Commercial, In Store, Dinning and Hotel Lobby, On Hold Phone music, Travel Channel, Spa and Relaxation.

Description: Carefree light and easy Brazilian Jazz track, Relaxing, flowing and soothing. Like a warm summer day at the beach catching an ocean breeze, Sax, Piano, Guitar, Bass and Drums combine gently their musical Textures. Lounge, In Store. Tropical Beach music, Latin restaurants, Corporate, Romantic.

Description: Quiet guitar, relaxing double bass, smooth drumming with lyrical piano. Musical back-drop for various production projects. Lounge Jazzy Bossa, Film and Television credits, Travel, Leisure, Luxury In Store, High End Dinning, Fashion.

Description: If you can think of anything better than getting together with family members not seen in years, then tell me. But we are all family of the human race and we should celebrate our human being. United we stand, divided we fall (Peace and Love). Commercial Television Advertisement, Retail, Internet.

Description: beautiful piano and guitar