Description: Pensive and longing with introspective acoustic guitar creates a solemn and somber mood.

Description: Bright strumming solo acoustic guitar depicts a scene of a sunrise and creates a mood of discovery and hope.

Description: Cutting Edge Kitchen Rhythm with Knives & Sharpeners

Description: Intricate Food TV Show Rhythm with Mixed Utensils

Description: A slow moving pop track featuring beautiful acoustic guitar picking over a nice drum groove.

Description: A smooth and slow acoustic country ballad in the style of the Eagles. A great piece of music for describing a 'new girl in town'. Could also be used for a new girl in school, or any other situation where you want to present a new person to a plot or storyline. Smooth country vocals over a slow and steady acoustic country ballad with acoustic guitars, banjos and beautiful vocal harmonies. Great for film and tv projects.

Description: Musical composition with flowing piano loop. Cheerful pop background underscored by electronic elements. Blissful, reassuring and positive.

Description: Laidback piano plays simple melody accompanied by bass, guitar, organ and percussion. Suggested for leisurely holiday scenes, vacation montages, restful images, poolside settings, coffee shops, light dinner music, underscoring of narration, public service announcements. Key of C

Description: atmospheric, ethereal, mournful, depressing, keyboard, electro piano