Description: light, easy going track with a care-free attitude. great for projects requiring a positive, uplifting feel-good mood.

Description: easy listening,electronic,pleasing,relaxing,hopeful,joyful.

Description: mid-tempo, guitars, piano, positive energy.

Description: easy listening track driven by acoustic drums, piano and fender rhodes.

Description: acoustic guitar, nice piano, chimes, easy listening, shaker, fade ending.

Description: acoustic guitars, soft vocal background, mid-tempo walking groove, wind chimes.

Description: upbeat guitar instrumental.

Description: uplifting, sunny, beautiful, carefree, chill-out instrumental song, violin, strings, voices,piano, beats, feel good...

Description: This track is generally usable for business media design projects like image videos, presentations, documentaries, for TV, broadcast, lounge rooms, as well as weather forecast background music or just for your own relaxtion.