Description: A heartfelt piece featuring light acoustic guitar, piano melody and soft bells. Perfect for capturing that moment of something sweet and endearing. Loop version also available.

Description: variation of my track Summer Vibes without bass & percussion

Description: sad,dramatic with melancholy.

Description: This is my new, looped, melodious pop ambient chill track about our fleeting life with acoustic guitar, somnolent drums, synth and fx. This track can be used anywhere – in games and movies, documentary scientific films, on tv, radio, presentations, slideshows, telecasts, about nature, space, as a music, background for websites etc…

Description: first podcast intro,melodic.

Description: Appeasing waiting music pattern for business and non business announcements. Suitable as holding pattern, call phone, music , news timer and weather forecast music as well. This track is loopable.

Description: Contemporary rumba feel, rock beat, old European colors, hip hop elements, ballroom

Description: Relaxing background music with keyboards, guitar and percussion good for SPA music can be played as loop

Description: Cinematic piece.perfect for background music,TV, corporate or personal presentations,Potential theme tune for science & technology programs.Good for Corporate, Family/Teen Drama, Documentary, or Romance.Shopping,Family diner,friends meeting,Nice easy style.This composition feels light and mellow.

Description: New Age Industrial Light Laid-Back Moderate Medium Gentle Warm Friendly Care Caring Human Positive Piano Drums Bass Oboe Strings Orchestra Interlude Background Love Pastoral Family Morning Travelling Moving Television TV Radio Movies Films Spot.