Description: Very beautiful jazzy theme. Great for using as a background music in cafe or restaurant.

Description: Relaxing melodies but a busy rhythm. The very long delayed guitar track generates a hypnotic feel. Slightly melancholic piano and a reserved bass, light and flowing.

Description: Cool and sophisticated lounge music featuring a Classic Hollywood soundtrack arrangement in the style of Michel Legrand's film score to the major motion picture The Thomas Crown Affair.

Description: Relaxing and soothing mood music with a stylish kitsch flair. Designed for leisure and lifestyle themes, resorts and vacations, hotel lobbies, Muzak, elevator music, in-store music, shopping malls, retro and vintage pop culture.

Description: Mellow, positive, and inspiring piano and synth driven soft pop rock track for that peaceful easy feeling. Good music for production media including film, radio, tv, or adverts. Also useful for opening themes or background for intro or voice overs or for intermission music podcasts corporate themes

Description: “Casio & The Piano” Mid-tempo, uplifting and friendly groove. Appealing melody with semi-soft electronic grooves. Bright and sparkly feeling. Good for commercials, visual presentations, corporate and professional use. Optimistic, positive, moderately excited.

Description: A background track for many applications with a carefree feeling. Acoustic piano accompanied by drums, strings, bass and a pick guitar. Relaxed and smooth.

Description: Beautiful melody, very well suited for the soundtrack to the film.

Description: Smooth, Jazzy, R&B, Laid Back, traveling, meditation, easy listening, instrumental, background, music, track.

Description: Smooth, Jazzy, Laid Back, Chill, Groovy, Instrumental, background, music, track.