Description: Mid tempo, Smooth, Pop, R&B, Jazzy, Relaxed, Romantic, In Love, Lover, Relationships, trumpets, pianos, strings, TV, Film, Video Game, Youtube, Movie, Soundtrack, Instrumental, Background, Music, Beat, Track.

Description: Mid Tempo, Jazzy, smooth, traveling, deployed, homesick, missing you, family, Relationships, In Love, pianos, harmonica, synths, congas, instrumental, background, music, track.

Description: Driving instrumental tune featuring acoustic guitar as the lead melodic instrument with a full 5 piece backup.

Description: Peaceful flute melody with African style percussion and kalimba, later combined with some accordion and acoustic guitar. Especially suitable for nature films and presentations.

Description: Up tempo, Jazzy, Funky, Jazz, Summertime, Fun, Outdoors, Chill, SlapBass, Smooth Jazz, Synths, Smooth, Strings Cool, Instrumental, background, music, beat, track

Description: This sweet and soft instrumental ballad featuring acoustic guitar and piano evokes calm and peaceful emotions. Heartwarming and positive music that will work great in films, videos, TV and more.

Description: Specially Designed. Easy song to be used in your projects. Acoustic and electric guitars in a mix of styles Pop, Dance and Funky. Feel my beat.

Description: Best background music for projects Perfect music for Image Videos, discreet, but good to remember due to it´s melody. This track is generally usable for business media design projects like Videohive videos, documentaries, presentations, in bars, hotels, lounges, as weather forecast background music or just for your own relaxation. Very soft, high-quality, atmospheric chill.

Description: Romantic and carefree tune with spanish guitar, flute and rhodes

Description: Classic Hollywood 1960’s Pop with Lounge and Kitsch flavorings in the style and tradition of Henry Mancini’s soundtrack score to Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Designed for Retro Lounge, upscale advertising, jewelry, luxury cars, fashion shows, the red carpet, shopping malls, celebrity news & grand hotels.