Description: Lounge track with deep bass, warm synthesizer, bass guitar, jazz guitar, vibraphone and cool beat.

Description: Relaxed, and dreamy could be used in a calm and soothing commercial. The music gets stronger towards the end with heavy drums coming into play.

Description: Soft, electro-jazzy, relaxing, contemplative track. Perfect for corporate film, or scientific film. Also perfect for illustrating a calm road/driving scene.

Description: Mid Tempo, Smooth, R&B, Hip Hop, Jazzy, Cool, Laid Back, Chill, Happy, Good Times, Family, Holiday, Homecoming, Together, Love, Feel Good, Fun, Picnic, Cook Out, Vacation, Summertime, Electric Piano, Horns, Smooth Synth, Strings, Claps, Percussion, Hip Hop Drums, TV, Film, Video Game, Youtube, Movie, Soundtrack, Instrumental, Background, Music, Beat, Track.

Description: Very happy, bouncy and bright music with optimistic and positive soul. You will hear cheerful ukulele, sweet organ, african percussion and nice bells. This track is a great solution if you need actual motivational background to make your project succsessful and expressive.

Description: Jinge strainge with elettric guitar . Simple and energetic music for video, game or movie "Magix Creation - Made with Magix"

Description: Soft, smooth electro easy listening track. Perfect music illustration for documentaries.

Description: Song excerpt from Cheerful And Carefree - An easy going instrumental tune with a playful and carefree mood, played with acoustic guitars, brushed drums and marimba ""Magix Creation - Made with Magix"

Description: Contemplative, Atmospheric and Evolving. This track couls be used as background music for documentaries. As the tracks evolves and grows in intensity it would be perfect to illustrat in evolving situation. A scientific experiment, a mysterious natural phenomenon revealing its secrets... the beat gets stronger at 1'00"

Description: Simple,passion and loving song pop and elettronic. Very impact sound for film or tv event