Description: melancholy, introspective, mellow, sincere, keyboard, piano

Description: Inspiring and happy jazz/easy listening piece. Great for background music or restaurant music, youtube videos, advertising and other media projects.

Description: A soft and peaceful, uplifiting track with a very organic and light instrumentation of acoustic guitars, piano and tasteful percussion. A discreet whistling melody underlines an optimistic and hopeful atmosphere, that provides a perfect setting for a morning sunrise or walking through a summer meadow. Perfect for TV nature documentaries, nature product advertising or simply as a great background for slide shows, presentations or holiday video footage. The track loops seamlessly.

Description: acoustic guitar solo, with flutes.

Description: atmospheric, dreamy,uplifting, positive

Description: The acoustic music in a happy mood, is beyond compare for projects in need of incidental underscore composed with low energy. This classic music bed is a slow to medium tempo, easy listening folk and country guitar duo. It has a timeless, effortless and relaxed sound with no solo instrument. Instrumentation contains two strummed acoustic rhythm guitars with no featured no solo instrument It's a slow to medium tempo at 86 bpm track in the key of C minor, and the track form is 8 bar intro with a 32 bar chorus starting bar 9 ending at bar 40 which repeats 2 times. Thank you for listening and purchasing.

Description: A light acoustic instrumental background track with an uplifting motivational character. A mix of piano, airy acoustic guitars and discreet whistling and choir make it a perfect track for any project or presentation that needs a positive and optimistic atmosphere.

Description: Peaceful and easy... this score brings a lot of musical elements in to the picture... Written for piano, it is embellished with Floating synth pads, and a conga percussion bed, this score would be right at home in any television genre

Description: Soundtrack, Urban, Chillout, Dreamy, Fun, Light, Hopeful, Underscore, Cute, Experimental, Inspirational, Reflective, Love, Feel Good

Description: An uplifting inspirational motivational easy listening pop rock instrumental with a positive, thankful, thoughtful, heartfelt feel, masterful composition and performance, acoustic guitar featured.