Description: Powerful instrumental pop ballad average , acoustic and drive guitars, sample drums, "live" bass.

Description: A smooth ambience instrumental with a dreamy feeling.

Description: A chill out music with dreamy pads and pianos and an uplifting bridge.

Description: A Musical loop with electric guitar swells with vocal like presence, rhythmic synths and a dreamy drum groove. A very sad yet inspirational piece of music.

Description: Smooth, mid tempo, R&B, urban, jazzy, sexy, easy listening, feel good, mellow, traveling, Electric piano, smooth lead synth, flutes, percussion, sax solo, TV, film, Youtube, instrumental, background, music, track.

Description: Light and easy song with piano, flute, cello and acoustic guitar. Easy listening feel and friendly mood. Also available as loop version.

Description: Lounge track with clear and elegant harmony. Electro piano, deep bass, flute, guitars, synthesizer and percussion. Cool, bright and stylish.

Description: A peaceful, mellow relaxing sentimental tune with a happy or sad type of feel. Easy flowing live sound with a magical feeling in the middle. Piano, keyboards, orchestra strings, bass and drums in a big hall also give it a powerful sound. Great for movies, documentaries, powerpoint slideshows, background for narration or anything needing a peaceful, calming, sentimental relaxing feeling.

Description: A day on the beach. The sun is shining, the kids are playing in the sand. You and your family are happy to enjoy the vacation on your island. Relax and chill while watching the sea and you think, that day shall never end.

Description: Electronic lounge track with cool and deep synthesizers, piano, guitar, flute, saxophone and solid beat. Chill and neutral. Suitable for background themes.