Description: A sweet and relaxing lullaby melody featuring solo piano. A smooth and soft piece for a peaceful mood.

Description: A Sad Requiem song with dramatic female choral voice.Emotional, lost, defeated and pessimistic. Touching melodies with a choral harmony. Ideal for after battle scenes or medieval age movies and video games. Film Score, Instrumental Background, Orchestral Music, cinematic and dramatic soundtrack, emotional, sentimental and sad, orchestral strings.

Description: easy listening,electronic,pleasing,relaxing,hopeful,joyful.

Description: "Enjoy the Easy Day" is a happy, positive royalty free music track, perfect for advertisements, film, movie, corporate videos, commercials or Youtube. It makes the listener feel light-hearted and carefree!

Description: Melancholic and evocative theme. Violin and 2 classical guitars

Description: Emotional trip hop music v2.

Description: This ukulele driven track evokes images of sitting on a shore at night, playing, predictably, an ukulele. Piano, guitar, bass, synths, and percussion back the uke strumming. Perfect to back a peaceful and romantic video

Description: Electro pop track, mellow, nostalgic. It slowly starts with a vintage sound keyboard. A slow melody before the drums kick in, giving a new dimension to thetrack, bringing it to a new level. The heavy drum sound and slihtly saturated, giving sharpness tothis otherwise soft song. The contrast between the 2 parts can have many interpretation and can therefore be used in many different ways and purposes.

Description: Acoustic piano composition for your projects.