Description: Inspirational energetic music for traveling etc.

Description: Sluggish, but persistent, this track always moves forward. It is sad, but rays of light break through at times.

Description: Catchy theme for outdoor activities. Easy listening track. Background for short story. Fresh and groovy.

Description: Piano and orchestral cue with a melancholic feeling evolving to a grand mystical vibe. Hybrid cue that include string sections, pulses and low percussions.

Description: This inspirational and heartwarming piano piece reminisces the sweet and beautiful memories of the past.

Description: A short, classical-sounding piece of descending harmonies. It creates a sense of gracefully falling water, then a calm serene ending.

Description: Chill lounge track with electric piano, jazz guitar, flute, vibraphone, synthesizer and light percussion. Elegant and harmonious.

Description: Sad, moving piano piece.

Description: Laidback and breezy with a bluesy solo acoustic guitar creating a sentimental and lazy mood.

Description: Sensitive, Delicate, Poignant