Description: Light rhythmic background texture. Comforting, relaxing. Pulsating underscore, string & piano textures, drums, light, breezy and mellow. Sets a gentle, down home, laid back tone for your commercial, or presentation. Hopeful, innocent, inspiring. Floating, dreamy.

Description: A simple piano melody, is a recurring theme. Interesting free flowing piano and supporting strings & Guitars. Relaxing, soft and dreamy track, Heartwarming tender and loving. Love growing stronger as time goes by, anniversary story, romantic drama, a new day, Elegant, graceful. Sweet love story.

Description: Mellow melodic piano instrumental and Wide guitar with a nice romantic Tape Piano. Light, breezy laid back atmospheric backdrop for commercial and corporate use, infomercials, commercial advertising, TV documentaries. Think soft travel to lounge music to moonlit dining to being in love.

Description: A soft and peaceful, uplifiting track with a very organic and light instrumentation of acoustic guitars, piano and tasteful percussion. A discreet synth melody underlines an inspirational and hopeful atmosphere, that makes a perfect setting for a morning sunrise or walking through a summer meadow. Perfect for TV nature documentaries, nature product advertising or simply as great background music for videos, slide shows, presentations or holiday video footage.

Description: Light downtempo track with shakuhachi, rhodes, piano, space guitars, some funky strumming guitars, soft drums and nice guitar feedback effects.

Description: A kind and bright logo with fast synth melodies, tender pads and rythm guitar, percussion. It expresses recollections about happy monents, best hopes for future, times of love and success, a ray of sun light

Description: Love song, male vocals in an easy listening vein. Would be a good fit for a wedding video/project.

Description: Dark but beautiful instrumental ballad

Description: Acoustic guitar, percussion, pop, easy listening track

Description: A romantic background track with piano, overdriven, guitar solo, soft and wide pads. The music shrouds with relaxing and positive energy, inducing to think about good things, remind happy moments of the past, enjoy the present moment and hope for the future. As if light fllows to a window in the morning, telling about the new good day.