Description: Good morning song featuring guitar and a band.

Description: Classical guitar and a band playing soft music.

Description: This grand piano solo is a stirring arrangement of the sacred Christian hymn "Abide With Me". It has a pensive, reflective & peaceful mood; building an emotional landscape that evolves into a hopeful & uplifting climax. The meditative feel has an air of bitter sweet memories & contemplative sorrow.

Description: This relaxing piano solo is an arrangement of the sacred Christian hymn "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief". It begins slow, pensive & quiet, building and stirring up to a grandiose yet simple climax. Adding a balance of sophisticated, elegant, mournful, calm, emotional, & uplifting ambience. Beautiful

Description: An elegant rendition of the sacred Christian hymn "For the Beauty of the Earth". The calm, bright, tender melodies are sweet, simple & sincere. Rich, fresh & clean harmonies are soft, light & smooth. Serene, joyful & airy yet soaring, serious & classy. Slow, gentle & easy yet searching & uplifting.

Description: A peaceful, light, relaxed melody with a passionate, poignant & elegant tone. Soothing empowering & uplifting harmonies, with climbing, building textures. A positive, bright & joyful mood, that is sentimental, contemplative & tender yet energetic, vibrant & motivational. Majestic, warm & emotional.

Description: Let the wind carry you back to your golden childhood memories. Happiness and hot summers. This tiny odd-tempo song has a special feeling of good old times.

Description: Very uplifting song. Flying feeling.

Description: A grooving tempo with acoustic guitar, strong bass line, and a touch of a Latin lead.

Description: An easy listening jazz groove with a nice piano base and slight funk guitar lead.