Description: Tasty lounge track with jazz guitar, electric piano, digital bass, warm synth and hip-hop percussion. Elegant and sensual.

Description: Slow solo piano dripping with emotion. Gentle and arcing. Written on spec for a scene where two teenagers share their first kiss. Quiet chord whole notes start the romance followed by fervent arpeggiation as boy and girl continue their exploration. You can almost see the tangential moonlight and the silk bedsheets by the 45 second mark.

Description: Subtle piano movements stir powerful waking emotions. Simplistic variations soothe and relax the listener as they depart into a world of the serene and contemplative.

Description: imitation of Spanish music, rondo form, a positive track, guitar, piano, synthesizers

Description: A very relaxing and seducing loop of music that is suitable pause music, time lapses and things that are captivating/hypnotising and slowly developing over time.

Description: Slow breakbeat track with lots of organic sounds and emotional melodies.

Description: Nice and upbeat music. He has a calm and dreamy pace, with arpeggio and string melodies that carry in the fantastic world and happy.

Description: Chill lounge track with electric piano, jazz guitar, flute, vibraphone, synthesizer and light percussion. Elegant and harmonious.

Description: Quiet little piece with a bit of nineteen thirties or forties Gershwin or Berlin style of writing. Tender solo Harp arrangement great for Dramatic, Romantic, Melancholic, dreamy scenes. Documentaries American turn of the century 1900, Film and Television, Broadway Theater Plays, Instrumental, Pop Music, Soft Pop

Description: Beautiful and sensual lounge track with electric piano, jazz guitar, synthesizer and hip-hop percussion. Great background for cafes, fashion shows, halls.