Description: A fast moving acoustic guitar instrumental with positive, reaffirming vibes. This song has a strong melody and a nice toe-tapping rhythm.

Description: An instrumental ode to those who live for hard, rewarding labor -- building things, changing landscapes, swinging hammers. This song gets right down to business with a simple rhythm, no-nonsense melody and steady, workman-like pacing. Great background music for hard working, fun loving characters.

Description: A short, simple guitar instrumental. It has a relaxing, calm vibe with a questioning mood. Layers of harmony, rhythm and dissonance give a sense of deepness to this simple piece.

Description: With flamenco influences, this song begins with a fiery start. Through various transformations it eventually settles into a slow, sedate ending. Like the fading of the day into night.

Description: Short and fiery, this guitar instrumental features interwoven layers of melody and rhythm.

Description: A short, classical-sounding piece of descending harmonies. It creates a sense of gracefully falling water, then a calm serene ending.

Description: With a steady pace and a simple melody, this guitar song creates a feeling of steady, calm forward motion.

Description: An instrumental anthem for the slow flow of a river. A slow rhythmic pace provides an undercurrent for the simple melody. At it's midpoint, the song deconstructs into a false ending before rebuilding to a dramatic finish.

Description: A simple guitar instrumental with an upbeat perspective. The melody starts simple but then becomes layered and beautiful in the chorus. Really, just some nice acoustic background music.

Description: New possibilities awaken as the sun rises on a fresh, spring morning. This fingerstyle acoustic song starts soft and flows through several sections of calm, relaxing melodies.