Description: This is easy-listening chillout track starts with calm female vocals, shami synth, and featuring rainy piano, octa delay bass, gator sequence, sub bass beats, glitch guitars, tender grand piano, triangles FX and pads. Fits with all types of production.

Description: A New age chillout track fits with all types of projects.

Description: An easy listening chillout track followed by synth, beats, electric guitar FX, vocals, percussion and brass. Suitable for many types of projects.

Description: Christmas instrumental ballad, played on an acoustic guitar with nylon strings. (Fingerstyle)

Description: Acoustic guitars, ukulele, bass and percussion. Positive melody.

Description: Festive motivational corporate tune, using acoustic guitar, ukulele and Christmas bells. Perfect for promotion, advertising, tv screensavers and many other)

Description: instrumental acoustic guitar with soft melody

Description: A relaxing combination of Classical Guitar, Piano and synth wash create the perfect relaxing scene for beauty or romantic love scene. Very elegant slow guitar riffs merge nicely with quiet background synths washes creating a dreamy yet contemporary background track which works well with documentary or travel scenes with a peaceful theme.

Description: Chill lounge music with jazz guitar, electro piano, electro bass, vibraphone, flute and exotic east asian drums. Calm and relaxing.

Description: Believe in yourself and believe in anything you can imagine. This positive song motivates everybody to rise their hands, stand up an fight for. Intruments: Piano, Acoustic Lead Guitar, Natural Drums