Description: A smooth and sensual looped audio theme with sweet guitar solos and piano, perfect for projects that advertise restaurants, luxury bars, classy lounge areas, or people flirting with each other while drinking wine in the night time.

Description: Solo Acoustic guitar in modal tuning doing dynamic and melodic variations on a simple theme.

Description: Jazzy New Age tune featuring Electric lead and rhythm Guitar and midi programming. Good for anything needing an uplifting, easy listening background.

Description: Sunny and airy composition with bright and gentle piano. Intense and hopeful.

Description: Cool and romantic instrumental theme.

Description: A celebratory and joyful track complete with bells, electric guitar and feel-good piano. This track has a very optimistic and cheerful mood.

Description: Happy rhythmic track with grand piano, bass guitar, electro-piano, jazz guitar, tenor sax and drums. Light-hearted and warm.

Description: Smooth jazz lounge track with soft electro piano, guitar, cool synthesizers and modern drums.

Description: Joyful and cheerful pop track. With grand piano, guitar, electric guitar, flute and bells. Lively and warm.

Description: Uplifting and inspirational track with a rhodes piano, electric guitars, electro organ, bass and drums. Confident, optimistic and elevating.