Description: With a steady pace and a simple melody, this guitar song creates a feeling of steady, calm forward motion.

Description: An instrumental anthem for the slow flow of a river. A slow rhythmic pace provides an undercurrent for the simple melody. At it's midpoint, the song deconstructs into a false ending before rebuilding to a dramatic finish.

Description: A simple guitar instrumental with an upbeat perspective. The melody starts simple but then becomes layered and beautiful in the chorus. Really, just some nice acoustic background music.

Description: New possibilities awaken as the sun rises on a fresh, spring morning. This fingerstyle acoustic song starts soft and flows through several sections of calm, relaxing melodies.

Description: A relaxing folk instrumental that evokes the feeling of rolling hills and wide vistas. Interwoven, layered guitar and banjo sounds give this a unique, broad sound fitting for scenes of landscapes or traveling across great distances.

Description: A lush song with a broad scope and an unmistakable momentum. This guitar, piano, banjo and bass piece captures a sense of solving a mystery or discovering new insights. This would be a strong theme for key moments.

Description: An inspiring acoustic guitar song with upbeat pacing and a beautiful, clear, natural mood. This is a short piece that creates incredible positive momentum.

Description: This song transports listeners to to the bumpy gravel roads of rural America. It's an upbeat, lively bluegrass tune sure to make you tap your feet. It would be a great tune for short commercials or movie scenes.

Description: An acoustic guitar instrumental with a rushed, complex and exultent mood. The song begins with a tense feel, dissolves into a dissonant rush of tones and then builds into a dramatic finish.

Description: Cold, sad, foreboding but, in the end, uplifting and hopeful. This beautiful classical guitar instrumental is full of emotion and darkness. A beautiful theme for a movie.