Description: Picture children running thorugh a field, a family reunion or a journey home. Fly Away is a gentle acoustic fingerstyle track with brushes providing a laid back groove and a melody played on glockenspiel. The progression has a slightly sentimental feel but with a sense of optimism and joy.

Description: Blue Skies is an acoustic flavoured track that evokes a sense of tranquility and well being. This track could be used to promote a resort or holiday location, or as a sound bed for on hold. Acoustic rhythm guitar and gentle piano set the tone then builds with percussion and lifts with ambient strings and acoustic lead guitar providing a simple melody.

Description: Hope and Inspiration is a medium tempo track that has a sentimental, reflective mood while maintaining a sense of optimism and hope. Its dreamy mood evokes nostalgic fond memories. Picture a train or car journey and thoughts of returning home. Ambient electric guitar plays a repetitive simple lead with layers of bells and chimes to evoke feelings of peace, well being and tranquility. The intro is a basic electro beat with ambient guitar and piano then gently builds with layers of synth, strings and percussion to create a rich and expansive soundscape.

Description: Bright and breezy, featuring acoustic guitars and a ukulele that creates a joyful and celebratory mood.

Description: The sweetest song and relaxing for every exciting moment... this song is for your relaxing moments, and the right sound for documentary and spots

Description: A bright, lush, and sweet ambient lounge track with a gentle soft boss retro rock feel and a sunny attitude. Features piano, synthesizers, female and male vocal chants with a solid guitar, bass and drum rhythm section groove. Useful music for Films, TV, Radio, broadcast, adverts, video media project, Mixed Vocals, Pop Music

Description: Sweet Happy Day is easy background music. Uplifting inspirational optimistic easy pop music. Background, Promo, slide show, commercial, business corporate etc. It's emotional positive with a happy driving guitar and piano. Motivational background music, medium fast tempo. Guitar, bass and drums. Relaxed, free easy. Inspirational, Promo, Uplifting, acoustic guitar, background, bass, bass guitar, beat, beautiful, bright,happy, acoustic business, cheerful happy, acoustic commercial, driving, drums, easy, emotional, every day, feeling, free, fun, groove, groovy, guitar, happy, inspirational, motivational, nice, happy, acoustic optimistic, percussion, piano, playful happy, acoustic, pop, positive, relaxed, simple,happy, acoustic slide show, soft, travel, uplifting, wholesome,happy, acoustic advertise, medium tempo

Description: Free and Happy Summer is happy background music. Free and happy song with ukulele, guitar, glockenspiel, piano, bass and drums. Music for promo, slide show, children, commercial, business corporate etc. It's emotional positive inspirational background music. advertisement, background, bright, business, cheerful, children, commercial, inspiring, corporate, easy, elegant, emotional, happy, hot, inspirational, love, motivational, nature, optimistic, tropical, playful, pop, positive, relaxed, travel, ukulele, bouncy, every day, cheerful, happy, dreamy, snug, homey, cozy, background music, homey music, festive, joyful, sweet, summer, medium tempo

Description: Dreamy and elegant lounge music with a sophisticated Grand Ballroom arrangement. Designed for hotel lobbies, shopping malls, elevators, Muzak and cocktail receptions.

Description: Classic Hollywood lounge number featuring a jazz ensemble with grand piano in the lead and dreamy lush strings in the background. Smooth, elegant and sophisticated. Designed for hotel lobbies, shopping malls, elevators, Muzak and cocktail receptions.