Description: soulful rocked out 70's-ish groove with b3 organ jabs, horn section punctuations and rhodes electric piano riffing.

Description: This slow, emotive & compelling piece an elegant rendition of the sacred Christian hymn "Our Saviors Love". A gentle flowing & somber start with quiet, tender tones, simple sincere & smooth melodies. The sweet sad calm is soft, serene & searching. It's tranquil reflective moving yet bright & refined

Description: cool music with heavy beat.

Description: Smooth, sexy jazzy theme for making out in a Jazz Bar. Or whatever, wherever. It's in 3/4 just in case you wondered.

Description: Uptempo New Age with catchy piano melodies, light strings and great rhythms. Gives a bright and cheery feeling of new beginnings and happy times. Would work well with any scene needing a positive and cheerful underscore. Also great for Christmas and other holiday events, commercials and games.

Description: acoustic,guitar,sad,emotional,romantic,mood music, relaxation, meditation, reflection, thoughtful, quiet.

Description: Easy Listening, Smooth, Groovy, Laid Back, Relaxed, Floating, in a Adventurous, Reflective mood, featuring Drums, Synth, Electronic, with a Slow tempo

Description: easy soft groove with smooth instruments