Description: Piano and guitar based pop.

Description: In the Style of Lynyrd Skynyrd

Description: This is a cinematic acoustic guitar theme with minimal instrumentation.

Description: Positive, warm and assured acoustic guitar, piano, and light rhythm 30sec commercial

Description: Light and warm with pulsing textures and breezy acoustic guitar create a gentle and reflective mood.

Description: Pop song with guitars, strings, drums and bass. Enterprising and positive attitude. Representing emotions are overcome and courage, the desire to improve difficult situations. Perfect as a general song, pictures, movies or music background where music is the final piece for the project in the desired dimension. 30 sec version

Description: A slow moving pop track with awesome guitars and cool piano parts over a nice groove.

Description: A slow moving pop track featuring beautiful acoustic guitar picking over a nice drum groove.

Description: A very cool pop track featuring a cool groove under syncopated piano and guitar parts.

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